Visit & Explore
the Wonders of Greece

Ancient Asini

Ancient Asini is mentioned in Homer's Iliad, as a port where ships sailed for Troy. The site was used as a base by the city of Ancient Mycenae. The archaeological site is now equipped with a interactive presentation.


Delphi was a world famous oracle in ancient times where many leaders of antiquity visited for advice. It was also known as the Naval of the Earth and considered the centre of the world. See the archaeological site and the Naval Stone.

Argos Theatre

The ancient theatre of Argos was built around 320 BC and is in close proximity the the actual town of Argos, under the Larissa Hill. Renoivated in 120 AD.

Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia was famous throughout ancient times for the Olympic Games that happened every four years. Visit the museums on site and walk around the ruins of the Temple dedicated to Zeus.

Epidavros Ancient Theatre

The Epidavros Ancient Theatre is a world famous theatre and one of the oldest in the world. Famed for its acoustics and the beautiful way it was built by the architect Polykleitos the Younger. At a maximum capacity of 13,000 to 14,000 people the theatre was a place for hosting music and dramatic games.


As the capital city of Greece, Athens is a city steeped in history. The Acropolis towering over the basin makes up for an imposing scene. Visit the new Acropolis Museum or wonder around the centre, to shop restaurants and cafes.

Ancient Corinth

During ancient times Corinth was one of the richest city-states in Greece. Controlling the passing from and to the Peloponnese gave it a huge advantage. Walk the ancient ruins of the agora or visit the Acrocorinth.

Corinth Canal

The Corinth Canal is an engineering feat that connects the Aegean and Ionian Seas, completed in 1893. The idea of a canal was proposed in ancient times, around the 1st century AD, but due to a lack of resources it was never actualised.

Ancient Nemea

Ancient Nemea was widely known in ancient times for the wine it produced. Visit the arcaeological sites, the Temple of Nemean Zeus and learn about the Nemean Lion, one of Hercules' Labours. The area is still filled with vineyards, well worth a visit.


Nafplio was the first capital of Greece after its liberation from the Ottoman Empire. It's a town full of history, from Venetian and Ottoman occupation to ancient castles the architecture and feel is amazing. Visit Palamidi the castle towering above or the fort of Bourtzi in the middle of the harbour

Ancient Mycenae

Ancient Mycenae, a city that gave its name to a whole era. Visit this archaeological site and witness the grandure of early civilisation. See the beehive tombs and the palace ruins.

Ellinikon Pyramid

A Greek pyramid found in Ellinikon dating back to the 4th century BC. Different theories of its use have been proposed. It was either used as a tomb or what seems to be more likely is its use a small guard tower.


Monemvasia is a Byzantine fortified town on a remote islet. Connected to the mainland by a small causeway the town is full of history, with narrow streets, old buildings and churches.


Kefalari is home to one of the most impressive churches in the area. The Church of 'Zoodochos Pigi' the "Lifegiving Spring" built in a cave.


Two doline forms at the village of Didyma in Ermionida, created by a natural proccess of ground erosion. Two small byzantine churches, the church of Saint George with its 13th century murals and the church of Jesus Transfiguration.

Ancient Tiryns

Ancient Tiryns was a Mycenean city most famous for its giant stone walls. Also reffered to as Cyclopeian Walls by Homer, their construction is still a mystery. Ancient Tiryns is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Spetses is a rich island and part of the Attica municipality. Back in ancient times, it was known as Pityussa, Spetses is derived from the Italian word "spezie" which means "spices".


Hydra is located in the Aegean Seaand is one of the Saronic Islands. Its very close to the Peloponnese, one divided by a narrow strip of water. It was known as "Hydrae" in ancient times, referencing the islands natural springs.