& Things To Do
while staying in Iria

What to do in Iria..?

Whilst staying at Anastasia Apartments in Iria the time can pass as slowly or as quickly as you would like. Either laze on the beach and soak up the sun, swimming in the crystal clean sea at Iria, get out and do some sightseeing or partake in one or more of the activities available in the area. We have tried to give an idea of the things to do but the list is endless.

Nature lovers will be enthralled with the local area especially in Spring and Autumn when the wild flowers are at their best.

Artichoke Festival

To celebrate the artichoke, a festival is hosted usually sometime in May, giving visitors and locals time to get together, learn about this wonderful vegetable and to sample some of the local dishes made. Artichokes from Iria are exported all over Europe.

Hiking Walking

The Peloponnese is made up of diverse countryside with mountains ranges, flats, coves & valleys and provides an ideal setting for hiking or just a leisurely walk. Get closer to nature and uncover the unspoilt Greek countryside.

Daily Cruises

Take a one-day cruise from the ports of Nafplio or Tolo and visit nearby Greek islands such as the prestigious Hydra, the lazy Spetses or Poros. Occasionally there are also cruises to Monemvasia, Greece's "Rock of Gibraltar". A nice relaxing day to see some island life.

Greek Cookery

Are you interested in Greek cuisine..? Have a traditional Greek housewife teach you some classical, traditional Greek dishes and then enjoy what you cooked up in a wonderful setting in the Greek countryside.


Even just in the areas of Nafplio & Argos there are a rich variety of museums. In Nafplion: the Archaelogical Museum, the Military Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Worry Bead Museum, the Ouzo Museum. In Argos: the Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum and also the Natural History museum in Ligourio and many more further afield.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is available around the Argolida with a variety of sites to choose from. Experienced climbers have placed cleats ready and there are maps on the internet with the positions. Excellent activity for experienced and beginners alike.

Ouzo Tasting

Try locally made Ouzo and other traditionally made liqueurs in a guided tour and tasting during visit the local Ouzo Distillery and museum. A great way to pass an afternoon see how they are distilled. There is also the possibility to purchase the products direct.

Hop On - Hop Off

Take a tour of the sights in Nafplio with an all-day ticket on the hop-on hop-off bus. The bus drops you at highlighted points in the town where you can get off, have a look around and get the next bus back or carry on exploring.


Interested in something more extreme, organised rafting is available in the centre of the Peloponnese at Lousios Gorge, an amazing location of natural beauty and a wonderfully exhilarating sport.

Water Sports

Watersports are offered on a number of beaches in the area, locally in Karathona and Tolo including waterskiing, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving, boat rental, banana & ringo rides etc.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is available in a few location in the area and caters for total beginners up to experienced riders.

Cycling Bike Hire

Take a ride around Nafplion on one of the town bicycles (free of charge), hire a bicycle and enjoy the Greek countryside or explore the streets of Nafplio. Visit places not accessible by car and uncover the real Greece.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is available on Karathona and Tolo beaches. Explore the sea beneath the surface with your friends or take private lessons and become a certified diver.

Kite Surfing

There is a kite surfing club located just outside Nafplio on the beach of Nea Kios. It provides basic equipment and lessons for begginers and experienced surfers.

Nemean Wine Tasting

Visit the world reknowned wineries of Nemea, take a guided tour and taste the famous wines known since ancient times.

Car Hire

Rent a car for easy transportation and to explore the area under your own steam. Visit the villages and historical sites around Iria and get a real feel of Greece.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Beach bars

Visit the local beach bars and have some cocktails or a drink or even a coffee in true Greek beach style with your feet in the sand and romantic candles on the table

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a must on holiday in general, through the heat of the summer it's a must! Cool down with a nice ice or enjoy some gelato in one of the many gelateries in Nafplion,

Send a Postcard

Go on... be traditional!! Send a postcard! Who doesn't love to get a postcard from their loved ones on holiday in Greece! Much better than an e-mail.

Laze on the Beach

Our speciality! We can help you with this :) We have the beach, the sea, the most relaxed atmosphere for oyur beach holiday and we consider this a sport!